Zoe Powell

Area Covered: Bishop's Cleeve, Evesham, Cheltenham, Gloucester.

Email Address: zoe@jacappella.co.uk

Contact Number: 01242 677160 or 07799652262

My Musical Journey

From my Dad singing "Sing a Rainbow" , one of my favourite childhood songs, to singing  songs by Abba, Wings and The Beatles in the car and playing recorder and being a member of the school choir, I have always loved music. 


I followed my Auntie Lorna's footsteps playing tenor recorder and played by ear only learning to read music at twelve when I began learning the oboe, (the only instrument left in the music cupboard at school). Then one day, my Dad brought home a clarinet. I was a bit upset because  I was learning the oboe and he had brought me the wrong instrument! However, I soon learned to play the clarinet greatly encouraged by my Dad who wanted me to become the next Acker Bilk! 



This was the beginning of my lifelong musical journey! I began to play piano and passed my first grade with distinction, despite not having a piano at home. At university I combined my love of music with my desire to work with small children and qualified as an infant teacher with a BEd Honours in Music in 1995, always wanting to specialise in music teaching. 


Having read an article by Jacqui Phillips about early years music classes and franchisees, I gave her a ring and have now had my own Jacappella franchise ever since. I have two children, Lia 17 and Joshua 14, who have joined me and grown with me on my Jacappella journey and who are very musical. Lia is taking A Music and plays piano and saxophone as well as singing in her senior school choir. Josh plays guitar and will be taking GCSE Music from September.Running a franchise has enabled me to spend more time with my children whilst they are at a crucial stage in their learning. 

My personal musical journey continues with singing in my local choir, Cleeve Chorale, performing three concerts each year. I am a music specialist teacher in my local primary school and teach curriculum music to all 630 children! I also  run 2 choirs, one for Infants and the other for the Juniors. Children from the Junior choir perform regularly with Cleeve Chorale as well as in our local community. We attend the Young Voices concert in Birmingham every other year where 6,000 children all come together to sing. My 2 after school Jacappella classes are for those children attending the school and majority of these children continue their learning either by taking up an instrument in Y3 or by joining our Infant or Junior choir.

In researching my family tree, I have discovered that I have a very musical family background. My great grandmother played the piano, my great aunts sang, and in 1901 my great great Uncle Willoughby was a clarinetist in London.


I feel very strongly about the importance of helping children to experience music in as many different ways as possible and have first hand experience in how our music classes can help with early speech development, special needs , fine and gross coordination skills,  and English as a second language. I believe that above all, music should be fun, enjoyable and a gift to share as well as being accessible for all children.