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Our Jacappella Music Classes

Our Jacappella Music Classes for children are exciting, fun and educational. 

All our teachers are fully trained and operate under franchise from Jacappella Limited. 

All are CRB checked, insured and totally committed to delivering entertaining, fun and stimulating classes every time. 

Families Attend Together

We recognise that all children are unique. Children in our Jacappella music classes are encouraged to flourish and develop at their own pace in a supportive and encouraging environment.


For us, the phrase "age appropriate" doesn't apply to children under 5 in terms of musical development. Some children are musically advanced at a very early age and others take a little longer to gain their confidence. We aim to create a warm and cosy atmosphere in our music classes with the emphasis on praise and encouragement and where children can gradually grow in confidence. Our music classes are suitable for babies, toddlers and pre school age children alike.

We encourage families to attend music classes with siblings of different ages. Just as at home, the younger children learn from the older ones and the older children love showing off their skills to the younger members of the group and sometimes the other way around! As well as being beneficial for the children, it makes life easier for parents with more than one child who want to join in together!

Our Jacappella Songs and Books

The songs we teach have been specially written for the early years child and tailored to the unique vocal range of children this age. This means that children attending Jacappella Music Classes are more likely to sing in tune at an early age as they develop their inner ear and sense of pitch. It is very important to us that all children attending our classes have their own copy of the My Musical Journey Book and CD to keep. This enables the child to continue to enjoy Jacappella at home and to share their musical journey with their parents or carers.

The Musical Journey

All who take part in Jacappella are on a musical journey, teachers, parents and children alike. We all learn and develop musically together. Some mums have been known to say that they would attend our classes even if they didn't have the children with them! They just love the singing. We know how mums love to record all those special milestones and moments in their children's lives and so we have developed the "My Musical Journey" series of  Books and accompanying CDs. Each CD has ten songs, all especially written for the early years child and in the child's vocal range. There are ten instrumental versions to play along to as well. The My Musical Journey books contain all the lyrics and actions for the songs and space to add photographs and notes to record the important moments in your child's musical journey

When booking a Jacappella Music Class for the first time we ask parents to book and pay for half a term which will give you and your child time to get used to the music classes and begin to see the benefits of Jacappella.  All children must be booked onto the course and the first half term paid for before children attend. This secures the child's place in the class and ensures that they are covered by the Teacher's public liability insurance. It also ensures that we know exactly who is attending classes and so helps with safeguarding children.

Money Back Guarantee

The first lesson is free. If however, you decide after your free trial that you do not wish to continue to week 2 then our money back guarantee means that you can ask for a full refund of lesson fees for classes not taken  in that first half term.

Jacappella Course Materials

On joining Jacappella, all parents purchase the Jacappella Course Materials - the "My Musical Journey" Book to record favourite songs and special moments. and the accompanying Jacappella CD with ten specially written Jacappella songs on which music classes are based. It is very important to us that all children have their own copy of the course materials so that they can continue the musical journey at home. As they are subject to copyright, the course materials are non-refundable once issued. 

Medals and Certificates

We know children learn best when they are encouraged and rewarded so expect lots of praise and encouragement in class and your child will be rewarded with medals and certificates during the year too.

Classes Available 

Please see below for currently available music classes for parents/carers to attend with their children. Please click on view details for information on your local teacher and to book a class. To attend a day nursery class your child must be attending the nursery already. Anyone can join a village hall class. If there isn't a class in your area why not start one? See our Teaching Opportunities pages or contact us for more details on how to join us as a Jacappella Teacher.  

Bishop's Cleeve, Evesham, Cheltenham, Gloucester.

Your teacher, Zoe Powell, is currently running the following classes.
To join a Day Nursery or After-School Class your child must already attend the day nursery or school.
Village hall classes are open to everyone.
Please contact them (T: 01242 677160 or 07799652262 or E: zoe@jacappella.co.uk) for more information.

Class Time Class Dates Location Ages Places  
Tuesdays at 15:15 7th June - 12th July Bishop's Cleeve 4-5 years
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Thursdays at 15:15 9th June - 14th July Bishop's Cleeve 5-7 years
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