Accredited Music CentresJacappella - Music Classes for Children

The following settings have attained accredited Jacappella Music Centre status. They recognise the vital part music plays in a child's development and have decided to make Jacappella a part of their nursery curriculum.  

Becoming a Jacappella Music Centre means that all children in  nursery are invited to become Jacappella pupils and follow the Jacappella course. As parents pay only a nominal fee for course materials, everyone is able to take part regardless of cost. Jacappella Music Centres enable us to invite every child in nursery to come along on a musical journey.  

If your child's day nursery is a Jacappella Music Centre  you will need the nursery buzzword to register online to join the class. If your child's day nursery is not currently a Jacappella Music Centre why not ask them to join us? 

Here are comments from some of our Jacappella Music Centres

Best Friends

Little Friends Day Nursery

"Becoming a Jacappella Music Centre is a really fun way to help children develop their earliest musical talents"  Owner, Little Friends Day Nursery. 

The training was fun and informative with lots of new songs and activities I know the children will love!" Jenny, Music Leader, Little Friends Day Nursery. 

Macclesfield Day Nursery

Nutkins Nursery

"At Nutkins we have been taking part in Jacappella for nearly 1 year.The children thoroughly enjoy the lessons and I can hear their lovely singing throughout the nursery! The children have learnt a lot in this year, new songs, how to use an instrument and how to take turns. If the children had it their ways we would be doing Jacappella every minute of every day!" Emma Seddon, Nursery Manager.

Small World Day Nursery - The Rookeries

Small World Day Nursery - Tudor House

The children have developed so  much and it is amazing to hear all  of us playing the claves to the beat! The children's achievements are easily linked to the  Communication and Language areas of the "development matters" guidance from our Early Years Foundation Stage, making the sessions so valuable. Kim Anstess, Manager, Small World.  

St Paul's Catholic Pre-School

Teepee Day Nursery

Wigwam Day Nursery