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Make Your Nursery a Jacappella Music Centre

By becoming Jacappella Music Centres, Day Nurseries and Schools are now able to offer our lively, educational and fun music classes within their settings. No more waiting for a teacher to visit once a week. Staff are trained to deliver our ready made lesson plans on any day of the week to fit in with nursery routine.

No Weekly Fees for Parents

As we are able to offer these classes for a nominal fee to cover the cost of the course materials, children need never be excluded on the basis of cost. There are no weekly class fees to pay.

All Children Can Be Included in Jacappella Music Classes

Through our Jacappella Music Centres we are able to fulfil our wish that all children have access to a structured musical education from a very early age and that every child within our Jacappella Music Centre nursery or school settings can be included in our music classes.

Benefits for Day Nurseries and Schools

If you are a Day Nursery or School who recognise the importance of music in early years development and you would like 

  • to have a structured music course tailor-made for your setting
  • to have the ability to include every child on roll in structured music classes
  • to have specialist music training made available for members of staff
  • to have a rewards system provided free of charge from Jacappella
  • to have the backing of over fifteen years experience in writing and developing tried and tested lesson plans which are easy to learn and deliver
  • to have access to a bank of specially written original songs which encourage tuneful singing and rhythmic awareness

You will love becoming a Jacappella Music Centre and having access to all the benefits we can bring to your setting.

Please contact us for more information on how we can enhance music provision in your setting. 

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