Jacqui Phillips - Founder - My Musical Journey

Why I started Jacappella

I love music and always have. Music has played such an important part in my life and I want to share my passion for music with others.  I developed Jacappella because I wanted all children to have the chance to start their own unique musical journey and make music a part of their lives. 


My Musical Journey

My musical journey began when I was very young and it continues every day.Whether you are part of a choir, play an instrument, or just sing in the shower, your musical journey began somewhere special. Here's my story... Music runs in my family. Since I was a child, I have been surrounded by music. My grandfather played piano and used to accompany silent films in the cinema, playing whatever he could improvise to match the pictures on the screen. He was a professional musician for many years, playing piano and piano accordian.

My uncle played piano and guitar by ear, and always had a willing audience at any family gathering. My mother played piano and my father played trumpet. Entirely self-taught, he played in brass bands and then dance bands all over the North-West in the fifties, sixties and seventies! He was a gifted musician and together with my mother surrounded myself and my brother with all types of music from classical to swing to jazz to pop.

Starting Jacappella

I began putting together the Jacappella music course to enable children to start their own musical journeys. I began writing songs which happily, children seemed to love and which encouraged them to develop their sense of rhythm and pitch and set them on a lifelong musical journey to enhance their lives. On starting to deliver Jacappella lessons, I soon realised the huge importance of music in the early years of children's development. The Jacappella course we have today gives every child the opportunity to gain an interest in and a love of music while enhancing their sense of rhythm and pitch and building neurological pathways and connections in the brain - all the while developing social skills too. 

Teaching Jacappella is fun and rewarding. It is so amazing to know our Jacappella pupils are becoming confident budding musicians who uninhibited, sing, clap and tap and move to music with real intelligence and musical understanding. There is nothing like hearing them say, "Joey the clown's my favourite" or " I love music!" because after all, that is what it is all about. 

Having witnessed the positive effect the course has had on children attending Jacappella Music Classes, I have a long term goal to make access to Jacappella Music Classes possible for all children. As each new day nursery becomes a Jacappella Music Centre, as each new Franchisee launches their business and each Associate Teacher opens new classes in new areas, our long term goal of allowing all children access to Jacappella comes one step closer. 

Children, parents and teachers alike, come and see for yourself - join us on our musical journey!

My Musical Heritage!

Pictured Below -  My Father, Bernard 'Bert' Goodwin on trumpet (next to the double bass)

Pictured below -  My Grandfather, Fred Newsome on Piano Accordian