Jacappella - Music Classes for ChildrenOur Approach

At Jacappella we are passionate about music and our dream is to make access to Jacappella music classes open to as many babies, toddlers and pre school children as possible.

It is our mission to introduce pre school children to the wonderful world of music and start them on a musical journey that will hopefully last for the rest of their lives. We aim to engage their imagination, develop children's sense of pitch and rhythm and encourage them to use their inner ear.

Jacappella music classes aim to aid language and speech development, develop confidence and allow children to grow into budding musicians. 

What to expect in a Jacappella music class

The first weeks introduce children gently to the teaching circle. We aim to create a warm, cosy atmosphere and lots of time is spent encouraging children to watch, listen and join in. The main aim of these early music classes is to help children to to gain confidence and relax so that they can participate fully in the games and exercises.

Parents join in

Parents and carers accompany their children to class joining in alongside them and leading by example. In day nurseries, the nursery nurses play the same role.

The Lesson Format

Our music classes follow a familiar format each week which allows the children to feel secure in their learning environment. We begin with our Jacappella gathering songs and nursery rhymes. There is lots of praise and encouragement and lots of applause while we explore gathering songs, nursery rhymes and original Jacappella songs. 

Musical Games and Instruments

The musical games we play help develop social skills as our babies, toddlers and under 5's learn to take turns, consider others, share and concentrate, and even lead the group. 

All the time, children's musical development is enhanced by singing, moving to music and playing carefully selected instruments to the music they hear. We include rhythm work through games and exercises. Movement to music is key in our classes and we include lots of classical music for this. With props including scarves, balls, ribbons and puppets and lots of percussion instruments we have a recipe for music making and lots of fun! Topped off by our rewards system, the children gain confidence in their abilities and develop a sense of pride in their own achievement.

Jacappella - Music Classes for Children

Families join in the fun together

At Jacappella, we think it is really important that families with more than one child can attend and learn together and so we run mixed age and ability classes. Where music is concerned, we believe every child is unique and all develop musical skills at different rates and so it is difficult to be "age appropriate". Instead, we allow children to develop at their own pace and tailor our music classes to suit the children taking part. This means you can attend class with your babies, toddlers and under 5's and enjoy Jacappella as a family. 

Everyone is welcome!

Mums, Dads, Grandparents, Nannies and Childminders are all welcome. We even have visits from older children who have graduated from Jacappella to school and who come back to visit and join in from time to time.

The atmosphere is warm and relaxed - a safe, cosy environment where your child can realise their true potential.