Jacappella - Music Classes for Children

About Us

The first seven years are perhaps the most important time in a child's development and parents naturally want the very best in early years music education for their child.

We have been delivering our unique music classes for over fifteen years and have introduced thousands of children to Jacappella.

Children who begin their musical journey with Jacappella music classes become confident budding musicians with excellent social skills and a sound sense of rhythm and pitch.   

With the emphasis on praise, enthusiasm and fun, our structured activities develop your child's natural musical ability.

All children graduate from Jacappella with a love of music; some go on to take up instruments, especially if they have attended our pre-instrumental classes after school and we even have ex-Jacappella pupils singing in the National Youth Choir and playing in the National Youth Orchestra! By choosing Jacappella music classes you can be sure you are laying the foundations for a sound musical future for your child.

What are Jacappella Music Classes like? Jacappella - Music Classes for Children

Jacappella music classes are full of fun, enjoyment and sheer exuberance!

Families take part together with mixed age and ability classes - the little ones learn from the older children and the older children love showing off to the little ones!

Parents, carers and grandparents join in too. For new Mums, classes are a fantastic opportunity to bond with their babies and make friends with other mums too. Every child is encouraged to develop at their own pace and our lessons are full of positive support with lots of praise and applause!

Our dream is for you and your child to share wonderful musical experiences which you'll remember forever. Come and see for yourself. 

Jacqui Phillips - Founder - My Musical Journey

I love music and always have. Music has played such an important part in my life and I want to share my passion for music with others.  I developed Jacappella because I would like all children to have the opportunity to begin their own unique musical journey and make music a part of their lives. 

So much can be gained from early childhood musical interaction. Music is a language and babies and young children are particularly receptive to learning this new skill and picking up new rhythm and pitch patterns. 

You may be looking for ways to bond with your baby, increase your child's confidence or stimulate their intellectual development or you may just be looking for a fun activity to share. Whatever your reason, if you love music, you'll love Jacappella and may even start a musical journey of your own. 

My musical journey began when I was very young and it continues every day.Whether you are part of a choir, play an instrument, or just sing in the shower, your musical journey began somewhere special. Here's my story... 

Our Approach

Jacappella - Music Classes for ChildrenIt is our mission to introduce children to the wonderful world of music and start them on a musical journey that will hopefully last for the rest of their lives. We aim to engage their imagination, develop their sense of pitch and rhythm and encourage them to use their inner ear.

The first weeks introduce them gently to the teaching circle. Much time is spent encouraging children to watch, listen and join in. The main aim of these early classes is to encourage children to to gain confidence and relax so that they can participate fully in the games and exercises.

Our Philosophy

Jacappella - Music Classes for ChildrenAt Jacappella, we believe all children are born with musical ability.

We believe this musical awareness should be harnessed, encouraged and developed from the earliest months of babyhood.
Tuneful singing is possible from around twelve months of age if encouraged from the outset.

Jacappella aims to involve as many children as possible in our structured music classes, developing the essential basic elements of rhythm and pitch that are present in all young children, and which are so vital to neurological development.