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Start your child's musical journey with Jacappella and watch them grow in confidence!

Here at Jacappella everyone loves music! Our teachers are passionate about introducing children to music and setting them on a unique musical journey. Our parents love watching their children become budding musicians full of fun and confidence and our pupils love singing, dancing, clapping and tapping to our lively Jacappella songs. 

It is never too early to begin Jacappella music classes. Making music is such a powerful way of hard-wiring the brain to improve speech, reading, problem-solving skills and co-ordination. Come on a musical journey and share our Jacappella songs and games and watch your child "light up" through the weekly stimulation of our music classes.

Join us on a Jacappella Musical Journey! If you love music, you'll love Jacappella!

Jacappella - Music Classes for ChildrenJoin us and teach Jacappella

Every week, more children join Jacappella and benefit from our unique songs and activities. We believe all children are born with innate musical ability and all children benefit from early childhood musical involvement.

The Jacappella dream is to make affordable music tuition available to as many children as we can. We want to share that dream with vibrant, enthusiastic individuals who are as passionate about music as we are.

Whether you are a Day Nursery looking for a quality music course to add to your nursery curriculum or an individual looking for a new career that fits around family life, we would like to hear from you.

Music Classes

Jacappella - Music Classes for ChildrenWe believe all children are born with musical ability so we've developed lively lessons built around musical games, puppets, instruments and songs you'll love, all designed to encourage your child's sense of rhythm and pitch and set them on a lifelong musical journey.

Music Centres

Jacappella - Music Classes for ChildrenJacappella provide tailor made structured music courses for day nursery settings.

We provide full training for staff and enable you to include every child in nursery in weekly music lessons for a fraction of the usual cost

What People Say...

Jacappella - Music Classes for Children

  • "Tom is obviously enjoying all the lessons. Many thanks for making him so enthusiastic about music, (we very much appreciated the pupil report sheet). Mrs C Thornhill

  • "Caitlin often sings to us and tries to teach us the new songs" Mrs Sweet

  • "At Nutkins we have been taking part in Jacappella for nearly 1 year. The children thoroughly enjoy the lessons and I can hear their lovely singing throughout the nursery! The children have learnt a lot in this year; new songs, how to play an instrument and how to take turns. If the children had it their ways we would be doing Jacappella every minute of every day!" Emma. Manager, Nutkins.

  • " The lessons are going well. All children listen attentively and embrace each lesson with joy and excitement! " Julie, Director, Mereside Farm Day Nursery.

  • The children have developed so much and it is amazing to hear all of us playing the claves to the beat! Kim Anstess, Manager, Small World Day Nursery

  • "The training was fun and informative with lots of new songs and activities I know the children will love!" Jenny, Music Leader, Little Friends Day Nursery.

  • The achievements the children make are easily linked to the Communication, Language and Literacy area of the "development matters" guidance from our Early Years Foundation Stage making the sessions so valuable. Kimberley Anne Anstess, Nursery Manager, Small World Day Nurseries.

  • "Thomas is now clapping in time to songs he is singing". Mrs Crawford

  • "Sebastian has increased his awareness of sounds and scales - you have taught him well!" Mrs V Morris

  • "Becoming a Jacappella Music Centre is a really fun way to help children develop their earliest musical talents" Owner, Little Friends Day Nursery.

  • "Charlotte loves playing her musical instruments at home and takes great pleasure in dancing and moving to music. I feel she has gained confidence with the help of your lessons. Many thanks." Mrs D Izzard

  • "Nelson loves music and we know that these classes are beneficial for him. His certificate is his first ever and so will always have a very special place. Thanks". Mrs Hughes

  • "The lessons are fun, stimulating and exciting as well as educational. Sophie really enjoys them - Well done!" Mrs Charlesworth